Mid-Life Cycling

Mid-Life Cycling

12 December 2012

Into The Cold

In my youth--and well beyond--I cycled in shorts in all but the coldest of weather.  I can even recall riding in January with nothing covering my calves or knees.  It seems--in memory, at least--that those winters were actually colder than the ones I've experienced in recent years.

Over the past few years, I haven't cycled in shorts past November.  That, in spite of the fact that the past few falls and winters have been milder than usual. (Last winter was one only in name.)  In addition, I find myself wearing long sleeves or an additional layer when I wouldn't have needed them in years past.

I'll admit that since Sandy, I haven't done nearly as much cycling as I did before.  (Sandy was part of the reason; the rest has to do with other things I've been doing.)  So, perhaps, my circulation isn't what it was early in the fall.  On the other hand, others have suggested that it may have to do with being north of 50, or my hormonal changes.  Remember, back in the day I was full of testosterone (among other things!); now I have no more than a typical woman has and, of course, I have continued to take the estrogen I was taking before my surgery.  

From Active

Long before I started my transition, I noticed that women felt cold more often than men, and men were more likely to feel heat.  And, after taking estrogen (and a testosterone blocker) for some time, I started to notice that I felt cold more often than I did before starting my treatments.

So, I have to wonder whether my changes, aging or something else is affecting my sensitivity to the cold.  Maybe I'll end up as a subject of someone's research.  Could that be my contribution to posterity? :-[