02 June 2010

Welcome To Mid-Life Cycling


Some of you may have been following my first blog, Transwoman Times.  If you have, you know that one of my greatest passions--and one of the few constants--in my life has been bicycling.  

After a layoff and a couple of false starts, I am starting the first cycling season of my new life.  I have talked to and written to a number of female cyclists, all of whom have given me excellent advice, and encouragement--not only to ride, but to start a blog about my cycling.

I realized that such a blog might well be unique. For one thing, there isn't another blog by, and about the experiences of, a transsexual cyclist.  But, even more important, even with all of the blogs that are now being written by female cyclists (which include Lovely Bicycle, Biking in Heels and Girls and Bicycles), the vast majority of what I've read about cycling has been written by males, and describes their experiences.  I've enjoyed much of that writing, but I guess that my future expereinces as a cyclist will differ, in at least some ways, from theirs.  Also, much of what I've read has been written by and for younger cyclists.  Again, I have no problem with that.  But I also know that there are other cyclists of a certain age, shall we say.  All of you younger cyclists ain't gettin' any younger, as they used to say in my old neighborhood.  So you may be interested to see what it might be like to age "in the saddle."

I still haven't decided what the blog will include.  Of course, I'll talk about rides, past and present.  And I'll probably talk about my cycling equipment, especially as my life changes have caused me to change some of the parts and accessories I use.  I'll most likely ruminate and offer lots of two-bit philosophy, as I am wont to do.  That means I'll probably also talk about what I read, wear and eat--and the things as well as living beings I love.  In my life, they have all been intertwined in one way or another with my cycling--and writing.  So has, in one way or another, everything else I'll talk about in this blog.

So...whatever your age and gender, and however you cycled to them--or if you came to them by other means!--I hope you'll read and enjoy this blog, and bring your friends to it!


  1. Good to have you up and operating. I follow blogs with Google Reader. No matter how much I tried to tell Reader you were a good thing, you were blocked. ??? It loves you now that you're less "controversial". What the hell do they know.

  2. I was blocked? And I'm less controversial now? Hmm.... Life is strange sometimes, isn't it?

  3. Apparently your other website thinks that *I* am controversial. Every so often it would not let me post under my google account, but would allow my comments if they were made anonymously.

    In any case, I am so glad to see this new blog. There is so much to learn from you for cyclists of all backgrounds.