10 August 2010

A Fast Food Phantom Picnic In My Basket

I’m really glad to have baskets on the LeTour.  However, I never planned for them to be used this way:

I am torn.  On one hand, I am upset because, of all of the fast-food trash one could leave, the litterbug who found my bike had to leave White Castle’s.  On the other hand, the colors and graphics go very well with the bike.

The next time I park the bike on the street, I’ll leave a note that says, “No Dumping, Or I’ll Dump On You”—or something like that.


  1. Ha! It's nice that you see the colour coordination as the silver lining : )

    In Vienna, drunk passers-by leave garbage in bicycle baskets all the time if the bike is left with the basket open overnight. The street cleaners remove most of it before 9am or so, but if you are out and about early enough, you will pass many bikes in the center with their baskets filled with crumpled up fast food containers and empty beer cans. Not all of them are colour coordinated!

  2. Velouria: I am in New York, after all. I'm not the only fashion-conscious person here!

    I must say, though, that I'd love to live in a city where the street cleaners remove litter from bike baskets.

    This isn't the first time someone has left trash in my basket, as I park the LeTour on the street. But this is the first time I saw a litterbug coordinate his or her trash with a bike, whether or not he or she planned to do so!