02 August 2010

Riding When You Don't Have To Work

This evening I rode Tosca to the college.  The air was pleasantly cool, and I encountered little traffic on the way there, and even less on the way back.  On my way home, I felt as if I were flying.

I had to drop off some paperwork, including a letter of reference for a former student of mine.  I think I was the only person there who wasn't part of the maintenance or security crews.  

It's funny:  I don't think of this as a commute or a "work" ride.  I felt like taking a late-day or evening ride, and it simply seemed convenient to go to the college and take care of a bit of business. 


Almost nobody rides a bike to or from the college.  So, people--students and faculty alike--are surprised when I do.  And when I don't, some faculty members give me that smug, self-satisfied grin that says, "I told you so."

Tonight I experienced none of those things.  I was just a faculty member who happened to ride a bike--or was I a bike rider who simply happened to be a faculty member?


  1. I know the feeling. I cycled to work yesterday during business hours to hand in a leave form. Normally, I'm only there in the dark. My trip was a good deal more relaxed and, as things began to heat up, it was rather delicious being able to stroll out the door and get back on the Surly :D

  2. Minneapolis has the highest rate of bicycle commuting in the nation. My daughter went to a small private college tucked in the shadow of the University of Minnesota. Almost everybody in that neighborhood rides bicycles.