13 February 2011

Cycling Colleagues?

At my part-time teaching gig (which may well become full-time), I've become friendly with a few people in my department. Actually, they've all been friendly to me, but because of my schedule, I don't get to see all of them all of the time.  But there is a recurring cast of characters, if you will, and I find myself becoming friendly with a few of them.  One in particular shares a few interests with me, including cycling.

To all of you guys:  She's married.  Of course, that doesn't make any difference to me.  Our common interests include poetry and, as you can see from the photo, cycling.

Now you know I'm not the only one in NY crazy enough to cycle in a skirt through cold weather!

I'm mentioning her because, for one thing, she looks even better on a bike than I do and I don't begrudge her at all. But more to the point, she's the only cycling colleague I've had in all of the time I've been teaching in higher-education institutions.

The colleges in which I've worked have had cycling profs.  Not many, but they were present.  However, I've never had a cycling colleague in a department in which I've taught.

I've done all of my college teaching in the five boroughs of New York City.  So I don't encounter as many profs on bikes as I might on a suburban or rural campus.  However, I can't think of an explanation as to why none of the velocipedic academics I've met have been in English departments or writing or basic-skills programs, which are the departments and programs in which I've always worked.

Are cyclists in English departments as rare in other colleges as rare as they are in the schools in which I've worked?


  1. Nice that you can share your interest in cycling with another colleague. Is that a Raleigh that she's riding? I have a few work colleagues who enjoy cycling, but none that cycle year round; what I call sunny day cyclists.

  2. SM: She is indeed riding a Raleigh. She says she's thinking of getting another bike, as she and her husband have been riding more. But her Raleigh seems like a good bike, although it's not my kind of bike.