19 February 2011

The Wind: Changes From Yesterday

How much difference can a day make?

Yesterday, when I was riding home from work, the temperature was 70F (21C).  I was tempted to stop somewhere and take off my pantyhose, just to feel the unseasonably mild air against my legs.  

And I was wearing a short-sleeved lavender top and an amethyst-colored overshirt made of a silky material much like that of the blue and gray printed skirt I wore.

Today I wished that I'd worn heavier tights than the ones I wore, even though my riding consisted of a few short errands that totaled no more than 8 miles.

It's about 30 degrees F as I write this, a day and four hours after yesterday's ride home.  And the winds were powerful enough to topple utility poles in Westchester County and New Jersey.

Tomorrow's supposed to be much like today.  So are the couple of days after that.  


  1. Well, don't get used to the warm weather just yet. We still have a long time before warm weather stays, but it's ok to enjoy warm weather, even if it stays for only a day :)

    Remember, we're another day closer to spring!

  2. Big Oak: We are indeed a day closer to spring. But around here, we're also another day closer to our next snowstorm. In fact, we're less than a day away from it!

  3. Last week we had 2 days of 60 degree weather, which made all the snow melt. That was followed by days with temps in the 20s-30s and the worst winds of the season!