16 April 2011

In-Your-Face Gray

It's been a gray, rainy day.  You know the kind of day I mean: one in which you just can't escape the gray. It's not about my mood; I've actually been feeling good these past few days.

Here's another example of gray that you can't escape--or, more precisely, something gray that somehow manages to be in-your-face:

Now, of course, the bike seems even more in-your-face with an orange bike behind it.  Of course.

Just having the name "Giant" on a bike is pretty audacious.  Now, I've never owned one and have only test-ridden two.  I don't mean to disparage the bikes:  One of the Giants I tried was actually a nice ride.  I don't remember which model it was; I recall only that it was a mountain bike.

Anyway...I never realized a gray bike with black trim could be such an eclat to the senses!


  1. I must confess that "Giant" does send a different message than "Gitane."

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  3. Steve: "Gitane" means "gypsy" in French. I think that even if you didn't know that, "Gitane" sends a different message from "Giant," as you point out. "Giant" makes me think more of basketball and football players than cyclists. Of course, there is a football team called the Giants. And there's a baseball team, too. The latter seems apropos now that one of its most famous players has been on trial for alleged steroid use.

  4. I get upset when I see ugly bicycles with poor construction, bad design, and large, garish decals to top it all off. Giant ranks high on that list. Having said that, I have noticed a blessed decrease in such things in Boston over the past 2 years and an increase in "lovely" bicycles. May that trend continue in cities all over this vast nation!