07 April 2011

Playing Chicken With The Rain

The past few days could teach anyone the meaning, if not the precise etymology (Oh, shit, did I just sound like a linguistics professor?) of the phrase "April showers."

Yesterday rain began to fall when I was a couple of blocks from my class.  Today I woke up to tires hissing on slick pavement that was nearly dry by the time I rode to my first class.  But, when I stepped outside between classes, a glaze of rain clung to the concrete and pavement like a honey drizzle on a baking ham.  And, by the time I left for my other job, the streets were once again dry.

However, I could tell that the rain had gone in that direction and left just before I got to my other school by the fresh, dewy scent in the air, which was still pretty chilly.  I haven't seen new flowers on either campus.  But on my second job, I saw this sign of rain that passes over several times a day:

That's The Pinarello, which I saw for the first time since December.  And the cycling colleague in my department also had a "shower cap" on her bike:

And, yes, I saw everything glistening with raindrops when I went outside after class.  But, once again, I had just missed riding in the rain--or it missed me.


  1. I would say that "Why Does if Always Rain on Me" by Travis, does not apply to Justine. Have a great weekend :)

  2. Might want to get ahold of a Brooks Saddle cover. More permanent solution than the plastic bag. Has a elastic type cord with one of those plastic things on it that you can tighten once it's on the seat so it doesn't go anywhere.

    Flowers should be appearing in Texas (home) anyday now and look something like this:


    I'm just two weeks from getting to see that sight again. Can't wait! Hope the flowers make it to your locale soon.

  3. Thank you for your post. I too have been playing chicken with the rain, finally giving in. The result was getting a cold but it was worth it. My bicycle even forgave me.

  4. Anon: Bicycles are actually quite forgiving.

    Sophisticated: Thanks for the photo. Now that the cherry blossoms are opening, other flowers--and leaves--can't be far behind.

    Sue: I like that!