05 July 2011

A Voyage After A Great Labour

This is the story of an excellent after-work adventure.  (Can you believe that twenty-two years have passed since that movie came out?  Can you believe that, just about every year, someone has managed to make a movie even dumber than that one?)

Anyway, about my excellent after-work adventure on an excellent and fair day:  It goes to show how English ladies, after getting a little bit of French culture, lead impressionable young women down all sorts of paths they never planned:

Well, OK, I'm not so young anymore.  As for impressionable....All right.  This lady certainly didn't protest when she whispered, "Let us abscond!"

And abscond we did, first through an exotic land:

West 139th Street, Harlem, NYC

From thence she transported me to a land where the language spoken was not mine:

Union City, NJ:  No es necesario para hablar ingles aqui.

Then, after our journey down a mighty river, we came upon a realm of ships and bridges: 

From the Staten Island Ferry

Thence we boarded a great vessel and countenanced many more bridges:

Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, seen from the Staten Island Ferry

Finally, we encountered an aged but fine vessel:

And so ended our great voyage: 

(Somehow I get the feeling that this is the image many people have of American History--or of immigration, anyway!)

Yes, twas a sweet voyage.  This young maiden gaped in disbelief upon realizing she had pedaled over 45 miles in her after-work ride.   She was well contented, for I am that maiden.     

So ends this tale of an excellent after-work adventure.               


  1. Geez, you got to see saw all this beauty today. All I got to see while riding my road bike today was Silver Lake, in Hollis, NH (nothing spectacular btw). I did also make it to the hairdresser and to the market on my Pashley - but that's all the biking excitement I had for today :).

    P.S. Even the rails on the steps (in your photo) are lovely.

  2. Hi Sue,

    I am fortunate indeed. I saw those things during a ride I did on a whim, after work.

    I've never been to Silver Lake. Is it something you see every day, or frequently? It sounds like you had a full day, and you did it on your bike. That counts for something, in my book!