04 October 2012

The Ultimate Rain Gear?

Rain began to fall just as I locked my bike to one of the campus bike racks.

It seems that all week, I have been playing chicken with the rain.  The other day, I ran headlong into a line of showers when I took the Trek on its first commute ride.  At least, today I was riding Arielle, with her full fenders and flap.

Days like this get me to thinking about what might be the best gear for biking in the rain.  Some might say I found it while web-surfing when I should have been doing other things:

From: Speed Studio Designs

Hmm...I guess it's not bad if you're not worried about aerodynamics.  Then again, why would you be?

When I first saw the illustration, I thought someone had crossed a motor scooter with a golf cart.  Come to think of it, someone may have done just that.  Or, if no one has, I may have given someone a ridiculous idea.

Judging from the illustration, the bike shield looks only slightly larger than my first helmet!




  1. My main tactic with rain is to go ahead and get wet, but stay warm... stuff dries out while at work (mostly). I wonder about things like those pictured on a gusty day...

  2. That bike shield looks like it would be worse than useless in a crosswind.

  3. Rantwick--I'm with you on that. When it's warm and raining, I don't bother with raingear. And, if it's mild, I simply try to stay warm.

    Steve (and Rantwick): When I saw the rainshield, my first thought was about wind resistance. It's the main reason why I probably never will use such a thing.