07 February 2013

Apres Sandy, Une Deluge Plus?

There's supposed to be another "Frankenstorm" headed this way.  It will be a bit different from Sandy, though, because while this storm will involve a Nor'easter, as Sandy did, it won't have a hurricane powering it.  Instead, a winter storm from the west will join the Nor'easter that's headed this way.

So, while the storm is exected to bring high tides, it won't bring anything like the surge Sandy brought. (So the weather forecasters say, and so we hope).  It also could bring us a fair amount of snow, along with or instead of rain.  However, it seems like the biggest snow drifts will be well to the north of me, in the Boston-Cape Cod-Providence area.

Still, I can't help but to wonder what this storm will bring.  Will I see anything like this in my neighborhood?

From Utility Cycling

Will this storm give rise to local counterparts of Bud Schaefer?  Will it lead to the use of alternative fuels?



  1. Hi Justine. We won't be in the brunt up here in Burlington, Vermont, but we already have 4-6" of snow. My kids are home today. Good day for an afternoon movie. Stay safe and may the weather gods be in your favor this time!

  2. Hi Annie,

    Looks like we're getting a lot of the storm's force, if not the brunt of it. I'm safely at home with some hot chocolate.

    I'm glad you and your kids are OK. Be safe!