23 February 2013

Saturday Night's All Right For Cyclin'

How much cycling have you done on Saturday nights?

I believe that when most of us think of a "Saturday ride" or "weekend ride", we're not thinking about riding after dark.  Even if we're not going on a date, to a show or for the other things we normally associate with the middle of the weekend, we don't usually think of cycling.

Don't get me wrong:  I have cycled on Saturday nights.  However, it doesn't normally happen by design:  I'm out after dark on Saturday because of an emergency or because my ride lasted longer for some other reason I didn't foresee.  

And, I'll admit, in my youth I went for rides that ended in my (and, sometimes, my riding buddies') getting somewhat intoxicated.  Believe it or not, I was once pulled over for CWI (Cycling While Intoxicated)!  When I was at Rutgers, I'd gone to a party in Highland Park, on the other side of the Raritan River.  The cops claimed I was weaving and wobbling as I crossed the bridge from Highland Park back into New Brunswick.  I didn't get a fine, but somehow I managed to convince the cops that I'd get home intact.  I don't remember what happened after that.

Anyway...If someone asked me whether there's a part of the week during which I ride least, Saturday night might be my answer.

Not so for this young man in Slovenia:

From Bike Park Slovenia Blog

Perhaps the lyrics to a certain Elton John song were mis-translated into Slovenian!

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