24 February 2013

Bicycles On The Red Carpet

Normally, I don't pay attention to award shows.  I might glance at the day-after newsclips of them, just to see whether anyone wore anything particularly beautiful, interesting, outrageous or hideous.  Beyond that, I have no interest in the shows:  I don't care who wins what; I care only about whether or not I liked a movie or an actor's performance.

At shows like the Academy Awards (which, this year, is being called "Oscar," after the award), I prefer the walk to the talks.  The latter are usually banal and repetetive; at least, when some of them are in their gay attire, they look beautiful walking down the red carpet.

Would the Oscars or any other show be more bearable if the participants rode bicycles down the red carpet?

From M N S Photography

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