02 January 2014

Having The Right Tool--Or An Obsession

Some cyclists are fanatical, or merely fetishistic, when it comes to tools.  I can honestly say I wasn't, even when I worked as a mechanic:  If a tool did the job and didn't ruin the piece of equipment on which it was used, it was good enough for me.

As for tools to carry on rides, I never was impressed with multi-tools, which seem to get even more gadgety every year.  I've never seen the need to carry more than the Park Tool MT-1, tire levers and the Victorinox Classic knife.  

But, you know, some people have to have an "elepant gun"  with them for a walk around the block.  I thought about them when I encountered this item in a store  in my neighborhood:

A corkscrew for red wine?  Hmm...How would a white wine corkscrew be different?  


  1. Weird. All I can think of is that you'd open red wine, ideally, several minutes before serving, so that it can breath. As such, this might be more utilitarian than a corkscrew to open white wine in a more showy way as it was being served? But I really can't see needing more than one.

  2. A corkscrew? Haven't needed on of them for a several years. Almost all the Oz wine is sealed with a Stelvin seal.

    I saw a wall mount bottle opener screwed onto the back of the wooden box for a bakfiets. That was cool.