01 October 2014

Sorry I Haven't Been Along For The Ride

One great thing about being middle-aged is that you can be excused, for a moment anyway, of un-hipness.  (Is that a word?)

One symptom of un-hipness is not knowing about some band or another.  Back in the day, one could be excommunicated from some of the circles in which I traveled for such a "crime".

(Back in the day, one also could have been excommunicated from said circles for using the third person and passive tense as I used them in this sentence and the previous one!)

So...Ring your loudest bell as you blow by me as I am pushing my aging bones along the bike path.  I am now going to confess that I didn't know about The Bicycles, a Toronto-based "indie" rock group.

Then again, I have a really good excuse for not knowing: "Indie" rock is like, you know, soooo '90's.

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