05 January 2016

Coming In On His White "Horse"

Today is the twelfth day of Christmas.  So this is my last chance to lament Santa Claus's misuse of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  But I will refrain.  Poor Rudolph has suffered enough already.  So have you, if you've read my posts on the subject.

Instead of Rudolph, I'm going to talk about a white horse.  If someone were to ride one through the most central part of a city, along its busiest streets, how would people react?

Perhaps they would stop and stare in misbelief the way residents of Bushwick, Brooklyn did when Tammy and I rode down Knickerbocker Avenue one summer Sunday afternoon some time around 2000.  That was a few years before the Williamsburg hipsters started to cross Flushing Avenue because they could no longer afford those Williamsburg apartments they helped to make unaffordable.

But I digress.  Karnchanit Poswat rode his white "horse" through a busy area of Bangkok, his home city.  

Before you watched the video, you had already figured out that the "horse" was really a bicycle made to look like an equine--because you're smart. (Why else would you read this blog?)  Mr. Poswat, who studied film and video in his home country of Thailand,  has also made performace art recordings as well as a video about Buddhism.

So...Knowing what I've just mentioned, I think it's fair to ask:  Does the "horse" video have a deeper meaning?  Or is it a joke?  It just might be neither, or both.

Do other people in Thailand handle horses as well as Poswat handles his? If they do, it might be the reason why Siam (as Thailand was formerly known) was never colonized by Europeans, even though it's between Burma (conquered by the British) and French Indo-China.

Even if those "horses" were bicycles.


  1. So why were you and Tammy a spectical while riding in Bushwick?
    I'm doing well, thanks for asking. Cold ride this morning (-12°C).

  2. Like the first photo :)
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    Maria V.

  3. Chris--She was tall and blonde. I was of average height for a guy, but still taller--and paler--than almost anyone in the neighborhood. Plus, I think they knew we were riding better bikes than any that would have been found in that area at that time.

    M&M==Thank you.

    Happy New Year to both of you!

  4. I am sure you meant to write "an equine" rather than "a bovine'. A bovine bicycle with horns sounds downright dangerous.


  5. Leo--Thank you. I've corrected the post.