12 January 2016

Who's Complaining About The Weather

So the temperature dropped to subfreezing levels yesterday-- for the second time!

"Oooh!  It's so cold.  I heard that a lot yesterday.  One would think the people who are complaining about the weather had just gotten off the plane from the Caribbean.  Truth is, we should've had a few more subfreezing days by now.  And, after a Christmas Eve on which the temperature climbed to 21C (72F) and nearing that level the following day and week, we were spoiled, really.

So far, we haven't even come close to experiencing anything like this

Follow their lead and don't let the winter blues keep you from getting on your bike! Photo by Colville-Andersen.
From TheCityFix

or this

From 360 Niesko

or this

From Sensuous Amberville

What if all of the complainers were Nuvanit instead of New York?


  1. My only complaint was the black ice I went down on last weekend. Bruised ribs and a badly hurt muscle in my shoulder are keeping me off my bikes, which is always sad.

  2. Neil--I am sorry to hear that. I hope you recover quickly and well.

  3. Ahaha, that cat pic is hilarious. Nonplussed kitty.


  4. Justine, I would love to share your content on my Facebook page and my Twitter accounts (and get you more readers) because I really like your posts ... BUT it's really hard to do. It would be great if you get some Share buttons for your site! A contact button would be great too – I am not sure if you will even get this message …

  5. Hello Joe,

    Now you know that I have received your comment.

    I'll put up the share buttons. I very much enjoy your blog and would share some of your posts on my blog.

    I hope 2016 is going well for you.



  6. Wolf, When I found that photo, I simply had to post it!