20 January 2016

One Way To Prepare For The Coming Storm

According to the latest weather forecasts, snow will begin to fall late Friday night here in New York City.  The fluttering flakes will turn into a whirlwind of white on Saturday before tapering off Sunday.  By that time, according to forecasters, we could have 30 cm (12 inches) of the powdery stuff.

We've been told such things before.  Late last January, we were told to prepare for a "Snowpocalypse" that could have left us with 60 cm (24 inches or two feet) of the stuff.  We got a storm, all right, but it wasn't anywhere near what anyone expected.  The Mayor closed the schools and transit system for the day; when he announced he was doing so, people in my neighborhood went to the Trade Fair supermarket to stock up on canned foods and such, then headed down the block to Angela's Wine & Spirits , where an around-the-block queue awaited the store's noon-hour opening.   

Perhaps the best thing can have for snow emergency preparedness is this:

From Steve In A Speedo? Gross!