03 April 2016

What The Wind Could, And Could Not, Stop

This is one of the first signs of spring.  It always warms my heart.

However, the cherry blossoms could not warm the sky.  In fact, I marveled that those buds were still on the branches:  When I opened my door this morning, the wind took it right out of my hand!

Here's another tree with delicate flowers that can stand in defiance of the gusts, and of the unseasonable cold. (The temperature was exactly at the freezing point of water.)

As you can see, the tree behind it, perhaps because it's bigger and, maybe, older, is a bit more cautious:  It still hasn't exposed its buds.

Tonight, according to the weather forecast, we might have snow mixed in with the showers.  The snow will probably melt as soon as it touches the ground.  Still, it's odd to know that it's coming nearly two weeks after the official start of spring--and just days after the temperature reached 25C (77F).

I rode to work in rain the other day.  So did a few other cyclists.  However, I haven't seen anyone, save for restaurant delivery workers, riding bicycles today, even though it's Sunday.  Riding in 30KPH (50MPH) gusts is one thing:  tiring.  All right, it's also exhilirating.  But getting knocked over by that same gust blowing at your side--especially in traffic--is scary, if not dangerous.  I know:  It's happened to me.  And I don't blame anyone else who wants to avoid the same.


  1. Justine, as you probably know, I come from two countries, one of which was almost characterized by its heavy bike traffic. Having one was almost as commonplace as having a telephone and even the elderly pedaled routinely. One of my Great Aunts, a stately retired Lady in Waiting married to a Chamberlain, had spent much of her adult life living in a royal palace, but she thought nothing of riding her bike, even as an octogenarian. My Great Grandmother, her mother, was pedaling at 90. I recall biking to work regardless of the weather—snow increased the risk of getting one's wheel stuck in a streetcar track, but we were a hardy bunch. Hope all is well with you and yours.

  2. Chris--I want to be your great grandmother! At least, I still want to be pedaling at 90.

    Great story. Thanks for stopping by!