01 April 2016

"An Event That Can...Rival The Tour De France"

Three weeks ago, Geraint Thomas of Wales won the Paris-Nice stage race.  A week later, Arnaud Demare took first place the Milan-San Remo two weeks ago. And, this past Sunday, Peter "The Terminator" Sagan, claimed victory in Gent-Wevelgem.

The 2016 road racing season is well underway.  It includes hundreds of events all over the world, but the "main" ones are seen--at least by casual cycling fans--as the Giro d'Italia in May, the Tour de France in July and, in late August and early September, the Vuelta a Espana.

Although there are more races in North America than ever before, none has the profile of "The Big Three", or even the early-season classics like Paris-Nice, Gent-Wevelgem and Milan-San Remo.

It takes a lot of time and money to start a new race, let alone make it attractive to the top competitors as well as fans.  Folks with big bucks tend not to be the most patient of people; they want a quick return on their investment.  But there are some exceptions, such as the fellow who said:

I really look to the future.  I always do, with investments, with deals, with events with anything,  and I think this is an event that can be tremendous in the future, that can really very much rival the Tour de France.

Hmm..."rival the Tour de France".  He really is thinking big.  I'm surprised he didn't say, "It's gonna be huuuge!"



  1. Surely a tour round his ego will take longer than the TDF...

  2. What an embarrassment -on so many levels.

  3. For one week, opposite the Giro, the Tour of California takes place, and draws many of the big names, that consequently miss the Giro. Peter Sagan will be in California, defending his title from last year, and other confirmed riders include Mark Cavendish and Bradley Wiggens.

  4. Coline--Good one! But I think a tour around his id might be even bigger!

    Mike--And to think he's running for the most important gig in the world!

    Ailish--THank you for pointing that out. Maybe in this country we'll have a race to rival the European classics after all!

  5. Feel the Bern baby, feel the Bern!