13 May 2016

With An Old Friend, Again. At Least We Didn't Have To Wait As Long This Time!

Yesterday I had a long work day.  The end of the semester is near, so some students are in, or nearing, Full Panic Mode.  Some are just naturally nervous, while others simply procrastinated or skipped classes (not realizing just how many classes they'd skipped!) and now want to "save" their semesters.

So, I got to ride only for a short time after work on a sunny day that's the warmest we've had so far this year.  But I'm not complaining:  I had dinner and drinks with someone special.

Michele, one of my French friends, was in town with Alec--her new husband. She married him in September, not long after my trip to Paris in August.  Although I saw her then, I didn't get to see him.  He is charming and funny, just like all of those Frenchmen you've always heard about. 

Like Michele, he is recently retired, a few years earlier than most Americans.  (Gotta love the French system, huh?)  They actually met, they explained, when they were 18 years old and in Spain.  After returning to France, they went to school, took jobs, married and had kids by other people, and did all of those other things one does for about half of one's life.  And they got divorced. After being out of touch for 35 years, Michele said, he called her one day out of the blue.  But they didn't start dating until a number of years later.  Now they are ready to spend their lives traveling and enjoying each other's company, they said.

And, needless to say, I enjoyed theirs.  We promised that we'd "reconnaitre bientot"--get together again, soon! 


  1. [Justine:
    This is off-topic. Sorry. Retrogrouch in his posting of May 11 has a link to Cyclorama. That site has a menu on the left side. Click on "Cyclng History" and go down to an article called "By the Seat of Their Pants". It is about the Wright Bros. and the relation between early flying Machines and bicycles. Relevant to your recent posting on the same topic and my comment.

  2. My wife (of 47 years now) has always claimed that her "totem animal" is the magpie. Her explanation is not shiny objects, but "Always sticking (her) beak into things". (Looking into old posts...)

  3. Leo--Thanks for the tip about the Wright Bros. article.

    You've been married for 47 years! I can't think of anything I've done for 47 years!