14 September 2016

Propelled To Insanity

If you are of a certain age (i.e., my age), you recall the early years of Saturday Night Live.  Some of the most memorable moments came during some of the shows-within-the-show. 

One such show was "What If?", which took zany, absurd takes on historical figures and events. One episode featured Superman landing in Nazi Germany instead of Kansas; another had Napoleon fighting the Battle of Waterloo with a B 52 bomber. Perhaps the most famous episode of all was the "What If Eleanor Roosevelt Could Fly?" sketch. 

That got me to thinking:  What if the Wright Brothers couldn't--or didn't--fly? 

Or what if they had stuck to their original occupations as bike mechanics and designers?

I found this propellered bike on Strangefunkidz.com, but couldn't find any other information about it.  I'd love to know how it was built and how much it was ridden--or whether it's still intact!


  1. Well, if nothing else it's likely to deter wheelsuckers,heehee.

  2. Phillip--Hmm...Hadn't thought of that. But you're right! ;-)

  3. It would certainly deter wheel suckers as I think it rather unlikely this contraption would actually move forward at all. I note that the chain from the rear cassette to the propeller shaft makes a 90 degree twist thus maximising friction within the chain. It appears to be made of scavenged old parts and welded together: it is made of STEEL and therefore heavy. They have made a concentrated effort to make it anti-ergonomic. Look at the position of the seat, the pedals and the handlebars. Maybe a juvenile gorilla could operate it. I think this was the production of a bunch of kids horsing around.


  4. Leo--If anyone can actually ride that thing, I will adopt his or her training regimen! ;-)