02 September 2016

The Wall

The other day, Donald Trump met with Mexican President Jorge Pena Nieto.  When I really wanted to know what they talked about.  I mean, I'm not a violent person, but if I were in Senor Pena Nieto's zapatos, I'm not sure I could be as civil as he was to someone who so publicly and viciously insulted his country and people.

El Donaldo claims they talked about The Wall:  You know, the one that the erstwhile casino mogul wants to build along the border between the two countries, and make the country that supplies, directly or indirectly, his restaurant and domestic help (and, probably, a good part of the rest of his workforce) pay for it.  After all, those folks south of the border have gotten so rich from all the money the fellow who made his taco bowl sent home that they can easily afford to foot the bill for keeping the country where the man makes his money safe.  Right?

Caballero Jorge very politely, but in a very manly sort of way, denied that his country is going to pay for any such structure.  Donald, trying to out-do him in the machismo department, reiterated his promise that not only will the wall be built, but that "they are going to pay for the wall, 100%.  They don't know it yet."

OK, Donald, I won't let out the Big Secret.  But please tell me: How thick will that wall be?  And more important:  How high?

I ask because no one really knows just how much is necessary to keep those thundering herds of taco trucks from rumbling across the border.  But even if Your Wall could keep out those hordes of enchilada chefs yearning to make a living, it can't deter another group of intrepid souls:


  1. Is the Donald a typical New Yorker?

  2. Steve--He's a stereotype of a stereotype of the most extreme New Yorker. After paying their rent, most New Yorkers don't have enough disposable income to act the way he does, and get away with it.

  3. Slightly off topic, sorry...

    Many have been comparing Trump to Mussolini or even Hitler. I have been thinking that a better figure to compare him to is Silvio Berlusconi. He entered national politics with no previous experience in politics. He was a big mouthed populist who in the end betrayed all his constituants and supporters. Nobody was ever sure what his real opinions or policies were because he turned everything into a crude joke. He was vulgar. He operated on the edge of the law and sometimes outside of it. His reign as PM was a golden age of personal insult politics and corruption. He almost destroyed Italy's international reputation as the homeland of the Renaissance. And all for personal gain.

    Fellow Americans: read history.


  4. Leo--That's an excellent comparison. Also, Berlusconi, like Trump, is a businessman who became a billionaire, sometimes through questionable practices. And, because he is a successful businessman, he thinks he can run anything.

    I am scared. Really scared.