06 August 2017

A Croc Of...?

Grant Petersen of Rivendell Bicycles has been called a "traditionalist iconoclast".  At first glance, that sounds like an oxymoron.  What it means is that he advocated a return to tried-and-true designs, methods and materials for bicycles and components at a time when the industry was moving toward carbon fiber and such.

On the whole, I'm with him.  In fact, you might say my bikes are, at least somewhat, Rivendells without being Rivendells.  All of my frames are lugged steel; all of my components are steel or alloy: there's no carbon fiber anywhere on them. For that matter, I don't use brifters, clipless pedals or low spoke-count boutique wheels, although I've tried them all.

I also agree with him when he says you don't need special clothes for cycling.  I say this as a reformed Lycra Lizard.  

But he also thinks that Crocs are perfectly fine shoes for cycling.  Again, there was a time in my life when I wouldn't even ride to the local bookstore (remember that?)  unless my foot was attached to my Look pedals with the stiffest shoes Carnac or Sidi made.

Now I ride mostly in "normal" shoes.  Still, I have never pedaled in Crocs.  In fact, I have yet to own, or even try on, a pair.  Maybe I won't, ever, especially after seeing this:

If A Sims Thief And Dr Seuss Have A Baby And A Hipster Raises Him
From Memecenter

Even after shedding skintight racing gear and jettisoning clipless pedals and cleats, there are still some things I won't wear on a bike!  I'm sure Grant would concur.


  1. Steve--I promise not to become such a fashionista that I ride in my Giuseppe Zanotti sandals.

    Actually, that will be easy, since I don't have a pair of GZ sandals. I like them, but not enough to sell one of my bikes to afford them!

  2. I commute in "regular" shoes most of the time. But for longer rides, I don stiff-soled cycling shoes and clip in. If I try riding long distances in regular shoes, my dogs start barking because of my plantar fasciitis.

  3. MT--That is a legit reason for stiff-soled shoes. On the other hand, I concur with Grant when he says that most other cyclists who use them don't actually need them.