13 August 2017

I Don't Think Picasso Tried This At Home

If you can't get to the Musee Picasso, don't worry:  You can still see the "bull's head" he made from an old bicycle saddle and a pair of handlebars.  I've included a picture of it in a few of my posts.  

Somehow I don't think this was his inspiration.  At least, I hope it wasn't:

From Farmer's Weekly


  1. Hey, Justine: I know one of your Mercians is across the pond getting a makeover at the place of its birth. I recently picked up a Mercian in my size on ebay and have grand plans for restoring it to its former glory. I was hoping you could give me some pointers on the pros and cons of having Mercian do the work as opposed to somebody on this side of the Atlantic. My email: tahoward324@yahoo.com. Thanks.