20 August 2017

Teach Your Children

In yesterday's post, I mentioned that some people are riding to work, school or wherever because it's cheaper than driving.  Some are too poor to own, maintain or park a car; others, who can easily afford four wheels and an engine, opt for two wheels and pedals because it saves them money they can use to...buy a more expensive bike.  Or accessories.

While buying even the most expensive bikes, parts and gadgets isn't nearly as bank-breaking as acquiring even some of the least expensive motorized vehicles, you can still find yourself spending more money than you'd planned.  Some would say it's like an addiction:

If it is "as addictive as cocaine and twice as expensive," wouldn't you rather see your kids hooked on bikes?


  1. So true. I know a guy who sells drugs in order to support his cycling habit.

  2. MT--I've known a few guys like that. Odd, isn't it?

  3. Oh, forgot to mention: He's a pharmaceutical rep!

    1. I also know someone who purchases medical supplies for a Federal agency. When people ask him what he does, he says, "I sell drugs for the Government."

      If that doesn't stop conversations, I don't know what can.