17 September 2017

How Many Tubes?

Almost everybody loves the look of a twin top-tube mixte frame.  I own two. (You're going to hear about them very soon.)  They are practical and stylish, and in the days when Reynolds, Columbus, Ishiwata and other tube manufacturers made the skinny top tubes, could be made with the same quality as the best diamond-frame bikes.

They can be a lot of fun, too:

I have to admit: At first glance, I thought it was one of the stranger-looking mixtes I've seen.  But I love it!  I think if there were no limit (due to space limitations and finances) to the number of bikes I could own, I'd want it!


  1. I stumbled acros a Miyata mixte, twin top tube, butted cromo tubes, on ebay the other day. It was so tempting.But I already have too many bike projects.

  2. MT--One can never have too many bikes. But too many bike projects...well, maybe!

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