17 December 2017

When Does Size Matter?

If something has two wheels and pedals, and nobody rides it, is it still a bicycle?

What if it's too small for anybody to ride?

I got to thinking about those questions when I saw this sign:

Can something be "extra large" or "jumbo" and still be a shrimp?


  1. I'm picturing an elementary school teacher with a desk drawer full of these things like with the fidget spinner craze of last year.😃

  2. The tiny bicycle toy is pretty cool. I hope it comes with a large bag of tiny spare parts.

    "Jumbo shrimp" is always funny but the word "shrimps" is like fingernails on a blackboard to me.

  3. That chainline looked way off!

  4. Phillip--It does sort of look like one of those things, doesn't it?

    Louis--Spare parts? Would they be ISO threaded?

    Fingernails on a blackboard--brings me back to the nuns in my Catholic school!

    Coline--Maybe they couldn't find the right bottom bracket axle.

  5. There are a lot of deers and sheeps that live near my home, but shrimps are only at the market:/

  6. Chris--"Deers" are too many for me. One "dear" has always been enough--sometimes too much!--for me.

    Are you saying that only short people shop at your market?