Mid-Life Cycling

Mid-Life Cycling

02 May 2018

How "Smart" Is This Helmet?

Call me a Luddite, if you like:  I am still skeptical about any "smart" bicycle accessory.  

I am even warier of a "smart" helmet.  That is what Apple stores have begun to stock.  

The Lumos helmet has front and rear lights, as well as brake lights.  What makes it a "smart" helmet, though, is a feature that is activated when the wearer also wears an Apple watch:  hand gesture recognition.  When you signal a turn or stop with your hand, it activates LED turn signals on the back of your helmet.

To go with the helmet, Lumos has introduced a new  Apple watch and iPhone app that makes hand gesture recognition possible.  An Android app for the same purpose will be introduced soon.

(In case you don't have an Apple watch, the helmet comes with a wireless remote that activates the turn signals.)

As best as I can tell, the helmet can only read "stop" and "turn" hand signals.  But those aren't the only hand signals I, or other cyclists, make--especially to inconsiderate motorists!

And what about hearing-impaired cyclists?  Can the apps read sign language?

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