01 May 2018

Asleep At The...Handlebars?

Is it possible to ride while sleeping?

I may have done just that on at least one occasion.   In particular, I recall a time I picked up a small package on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and delivered it to an office in the Wall Street area--a distance of about 8 kilometers, in traffic.  When I arrived at that office, I opened my eyes and had no idea of how I got there.  And, when I stepped out of the building, my bike was locked to a parking meter.

When you are a messenger, nobody much cares about whether you slept or about anything else you might've done on your bike, as long as the document or package is delivered in a timely fashion, as they say.

It also helps not to have outstanding arrest warrants.  That is what Angela Yates is learning as I write.

Police officers found the 43-year-old sitting on a bicycle, passed out, in a Middlesboro, Kentucky gas station.  They woke her up and found that, in addition to her arrest warrants, she had a criminal summons.

During her arrest, the police searched her property and found a syringe containing a clear substance they believe to be crystal meth.  They also found eight other syringes and other drug paraphernalia.

Yates was then taken to the Bell County Detention Center, where she was strip-searched.  A quart-size bag containing what officials believe to be marijuana, along with another liquid-filled syringe, were found in her possession.  

She faces a number of charges.

If she is using those substances, I can't help but to wonder how she even got on a bicycle!


  1. It is AMAZING what people are capable of!

  2. If she was doing meth, i can't help but wonder how she could even nod...

  3. Steve and Mike--I have no idea of how she did whatever she did. And I'm not sure I want to know.