08 May 2018

Losing Sleep In Seattle

Perhaps you've seen Sleepless In Seattle.

Well, over the weekend, something happened that's causing a few more people to lose sleep near Seattle.

In nearby Spanaway, a trailer was stolen from the Bethel Middle School.  That alone would upset some people.  But what makes this story even more troubling are the contents of that trailer:  20 shiny red bicycles.

I know:  They sound like some kids' dreams.  They probably are.  Those Specialized Roll Sport Low Entry bikes were used in Physical Education classes to teach kids how to ride safely.  I am guessing that some of those kids probably didn't have a bike of their own, or even access to one from a family member, friend or neighbor.  Even some of those who had bikes of their own, I'm sure, looked forward to the classes.

The kids aren't the only ones rattled by the theft.  Funding for the bikes, purchased from Old Town Bikes in Gig Harbor (each bike has a label from the shop),  came from the Cascade Bicycle Club and state grants.

The trailer, a 2016 Mirage Xcel with Washington State license plate number A8106C, was secured with hardened locks on its doors and a hitch lock, and was parked behind a locked gate.

The Pierce County Sheriff's Department  (253-798-4840) would like to hear from anyone with information about the whereabouts of the trailer or its contents.

I hope everything will be found and folks will be able to sleep easily in Seattle.  


  1. I seem to remember a similar theft of a trailer full of bikes in Portland some years ago now. You really have to nail things down these days don't you? Especially if they have two wheels. This looks like the work of pros and I would expect very little chance of recovering the bikes.

    But nice of you to blog this with the license number and sheriff's phone. There may be just a ghost of a chance of something turning up. I'll keep my eyes peeled and on the lookout for it.

  2. Leo--You're right: You really have to nail those things down. And it probably is the work of pros: It's hard to imagine a small-time bike thief pulling off a heist like that.