24 June 2018

Why Can't They?

Bicycling has been one of the few "constants" in my life.

One of the few "near-constants", if you will, in my adult life has been living with cats.

At times in my life, I've tried to combine them.  You guessed it:  I've tried to teach Caterina, Charlie I, Candice, Charlie II, Max and Marlee to ride.  Nothing I've tried has worked.  I even tried this as a motivational tool:

I mean, if a dog can ride, why can't they?  Right?

Then again, just because two things are wonderful, they should not be combined--like chocolate chips in bagels. (Hey, I'm an old-school New Yorker!)


  1. Someone once said: "Dogs have a master - cats have a staff".

  2. Come on Justine, you know that the only thing that you can train a cat to do is poop in a neighbour's garden.

  3. Louis--"Cats have a staff." I love it!

    Coline--Yes, I know better. But I still try to train my cats to do things they'll never do. You know what they say about people who do the same things over and over but expect a different result!

  4. It's been said that...

    Dogs look up to us.

    Cats look down on us.

    Pigs treat us as equals.

    So get a potbellied pig I say. Just don't feed him bacon. That's really wrong.

  5. Phillip—I like pigs but it is rather difficult to keep one in a NYC apartment! As for feeding him/her bacon: There are some things only the creators of South Park could get awa y with.