12 August 2018

Keeping It Light

Today I am going to pose a question that never, ever would have occurred to me had I not seen the photo in this post.

And you probably never would have asked had I not mentioned it.

Here goes:  Do emperors take vacations?

From Freaking News

I haven't been to Elba, but I hear the beaches are really nice there.  So are the ones on Corisca!


  1. To quote Mel Brooks "it's good to be the king". I suppose when you're the Emperor every day is a vacation.

  2. Phillip--I would love a history course taught by Mel Brooks!

  3. Let's see: Our would-be emperor has played golf at least 140 days during his roughly 18 months in office. That's around five months! And this from the guy who used to criticize Obama, who played an average of 41 rounds per year. On top of that, he's a verified cheater, according to people who have played with him. I could find it in my heart to forgive an emperor whose worst fault is cheating at golf. But that's small potatoes compared to a man who lacks any sense of human decency. When all of this comes crashing down, perhaps a gulag in Siberia would be the best place for this guy.

  4. MT--Maybe he could share a spot with a guy named Vladimir!