30 September 2018

Why Can't I Teach Them?

I am a cyclist.  I am also an educator.

Ergo, I should be able to teach someone how to ride a bike.  Right?

Well, I've tried and I've tried. But I just can't get Marlee on the saddle. I also couldn't get Max, Candice, Charlie I, Charlie II or Caterina. There was always some issue:  Their legs couldn't reach the pedals. Or the top tube (or stem) was too short.  Or they worried, despite my assurances to the contrary, that dogs would chase them.

Tell me:  Where have I failed?


  1. I took my cat to the vet on my bike once. She was inside her carry case, strapped to the luggage rack. She sang all the way there.

  2. I recall that Veloria, over on Lovely Bicycle, (I miss her stuff!) had two cats and a fantasy. She wanted a small, just the right size tandem and then teach them to ride it. They could be pedaling along side of her on trips. That is such a remarkable image that I can never forget it. She deserves some sort of immortality for coming up with it.

  3. They won't ride till they get padded shorts!

  4. Accordion-- I once did something similar, with similar results.

    Leo--That image is reason alone to pine for her--and justification for calling her blog "Lovely"!

    Phillip--Now, why didn't I think of that? (She slaps her forehead.)