14 October 2018

To Wear Them Or Ride Them

You've heard of "mustache" handlebars.  Perhaps you ride them.

You probably know--or have known--someone with a "handlebar" mustache.

But, have you ever seen anyone with a "handlebar" mustache riding "mustache" handlebars?


  1. My Bridgestone sports mustache handlebars, and my own mustache is paired with a goatee these days. I figure that I'm not hip enough for the handlebar variety. You may have noticed that Rivendell has tweaked the design of its mustache bars. It's now referred to as the Albastache.

  2. MT--I think Bridgestone re-popularized mustache bars when it equipped its X0-1 with them in 1992. And, yes, I find it interesting that Rivendell tweaked them: I'd be curious to see how they ride differently.

    As for facial hair: I never had the "handlebar" variety, but I had a full beard and mustache back in the "bad ol'" days.