26 November 2018

The Real Bronx Zoo

Even though I've lived in New York for decades, I've been to the Bronx Zoo maybe a couple of times.  In fact, it's been  a while since I've been to any zoo at all:  The older I get, the less I like seeing animals in cages--especially if said animals are orange or striped!

Besides, why do I need to go to the Bronx Zoo when I can see this in the Bronx:

I was pedaling along the path to Pelham Bay Park when our friend in the photo stopped for a snack. 

As I inched closer, the hungry ungulate hardly even stirred.  I'm not sure of exactly how close I could have come, so I stood, bike in hand, and let the creature eat, turn and get a look at me before taking off.

Then I took off--for Connecticut.  I didn't see any deer the rest of the way.  Only in the Bronx!


  1. Urban deer are proliferating across the country. so it's not a surprise that the Bronx should have them, too. I'm tring to imagine how a Bronx Deer might react after encountering a cyclist. "Hey! I'm browsin' here!"

  2. MT--It's true that more deer are experiencing life in the big city. Still, it's odd to say, "I saw a deer in the Bronx."

    Browsin' in the Bronx--That sounds like the title of a song or album!