13 November 2018

This Never Would Have Happened On The Set Of "Breaking Away". Or Would It?

Well, now we know why studios employ stunt-doubles.  You know, they're those folks who do flips, get into crashes and put themselves in all manner of actual or configured peril so as not to risk scarring the pretty (and highly bankable) faces.

I mean, do you really think Hugh Jackman knows any more how to fight than I know how to fish for lobsters?  Why do you think Richard Bradshaw doubled for him in X-Men:  Days of Future Passed? Surely the fact that Bradshaw is Jackman's brother-in-law could not have been the only reason!

For every Hugh Jackman, there is at least one other actor who should have a stunt double.  I am thinking now of Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  He played a bike messenger in Premium Rush.  Although six years have passed since that movie's release, one might expect that his work in it would have prepared him for scenes in which he rides a bike for his latest flick, Power.

During the filming, which is going on as of this writing, he landed in the ER after flipping over his handlebars.

He says, "I have bad luck shooting on bikes," a reference to another mishap during the filming of Premium Rush.


Surely, there must be some retired mountain bike racer who could use a payday.

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