28 March 2019

A Star Water Bottle Carrier

Every once in a while, shopping for some small part or another will lead me to something I not only didn't realize existed, but didn't know that anybody would even conceive of.

I mean, how many of you have wanted to attach a water bottle cage to your Wald (or other wire) basket?  Perhaps I'm odd in that I tend not to use baskets and water bottles (at least the kind that fit in water bottle cages) at the same time.  You see, I tend not to ride my basketed bike(s) over long distances, and if I do carry libations, they are likely to be in the basket.

But, now that I think about it, I can understand why someone might want to attach a water bottle cage on a basket.  The curved frame tubes of many city bikes or beach cruisers, for example, make it difficult or impossible to mount water bottle cages.  And, I guess that if you're not carrying other things in your basket--say, your beach towel or lunch--the bottle might rattle or roll--or bounce out of the basket if it's not restrained with bungee cords or a net.

I'm not sure of whether Wald still makes their Bottle Cage Bracket #8088:  I couldn't find it on the company's website.  And I am not sure I would use one.  But because it is, like other Wald products, inexpensive, it's almost tempting to buy one just because they're so unusual.

(Yes, the title is a riff on what you think it's a riff on:  possibly the greatest film about bicycle racing ever made.)


  1. As mentioned many frames these days don't accommodate a traditional mounted water bottle cage. When I tested a Yuba Boda Boda a few years back, it's mounting bolts were in a silly and unusable position: on the inside curve of the frame! With that said, there are more versatile Velcro-type carriers that are stylish and easily movable between bikes.

  2. Annie--I've never used one of those Velcro-mounted carriers, but I think they're good for the reasons you mention!