12 June 2019

His Way In L.A.

In March, I wrote about a guy on a bicycle who wove in and out of traffic on Interstate 95.

"Only in Miami!" exclaimed the driver who recorded the scene.

Well, it seems that "Magic City" isn't the only place where a cyclist might pedal among cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles doing 120 KPH (75 MPH).  Last Monday, a man was seen riding down the 101 Freeway near downtown Los Angeles--during rush hour.

"Only in LA!"  That was the response of the driver who recorded the scene.  

That driver ought to know a thing or two about crazy scenes in LA:  He's Jake Asner.  Yes, the grandson of legendary actor (and activist) Ed Asner.  

The cyclist, though, is not unique to the City of Angels.  The California Highway Patrol reports that last year, it received more than 1200 calls about people walking or cycling on freeways near the city.  

But the guy who rode on I-95 may remain unique to Miami, or anywhere, for some time:  He had nothing but a headband, hot pink socks and a thong protecting him against the Florida sun.  (Hmm...Maybe that should be the uniform of some team.)  

And he was riding backwards.  All of those cyclists on the LA freeways haven't done that yet!


  1. Okay, i really couldn't finish watching the video, but what really disturbs me is that Mr. Asner was supposedly operating his car whilst using a hand-held cell phone, and it seems that that action was perfectly okay with thhe reporter -and apparently- with the LAPD.

  2. Head band, pink socks and thong all while riding backwards on the freeway? Why it's so obvious that Ray Charles could see it. This fellow lost a bet.

  3. Mike--Good point. I hope Asner grand-fils doesn't get into the habit of filming while driving.

    Phillip--It sounds like he lost a bet, doesn't it? I'd like to hear the bet.