10 December 2011

Christmas Bikes And Trees

For Christmas, a lot of kids dream of finding a bike under the tree.  Actually, most kids who got bikes for Christmas--myself included--didn't find their wheels "under" pine branches strung with lights.  More likely, their Schwinns or Columbias or Raleighs were beside the tree, or in another location altogether. You have to live in a fairly big place in order to have a big enough space for a tree under which a bike can stand.

Anyway...wherever Santa actually leaves the bike, we still have an image of Christmas that includes a bike under the tree.  But I wonder:  Has anyone imagined a holiday season in which the bike becomes the Christmas tree?

This is part of a massive display from the Assiniboine Valley Railway in Winnipeg. 

Bikes!  Trains!  Sleds!  Trees!  Sounds like a Christmas diorama come to life.  


  1. Wow, so cooool! TFS!

  2. Sweet. To get yourself even more into the Christmas-Cycling spirit, you should check out this cycling-themed parody of the 12 Days of Christmas. "And a Cartridge and some bearings..."