21 December 2011

Losing A Seat

I can't believe it happened again.

I take that back...I can.  Things are becoming more difficult, which means that people are becoming more desperate, or simply opportunistic.

Whatever the explanation, I experienced something I thought I knew better than to allow to happen.  

I took Vera to take care of some business in Midtown Manhattan:  34th Street,  a block from the Empire State Building, to be exact.  I locked up the frame and wheels and took off anything that someone could abscond with...or so I thought.

When I came out, after about an hour and a half, my saddle and seatpost were gone.  Perhaps the thief wanted the bike and, upon realizing he (All right, I'm sexist.) wouldn't get it, took what he could.

So now I'm out a Brooks B-17 saddle in honey.  Yes, I'm glad the thief didn't get the whole bike or, say, the wheels.  Still...


  1. Shit. That sucks.
    Brooks theft has been on the uptick in Portland as well. I know a few people who got their saddles yanked. As a precaution, ALL of my saddles are now locked. I got one of those Kryptonite small cables and threaded it through frame, saddle rail, and Carradice bag. It's not foolproof, as it wouldn't take a lot to cut through the cable, but it's a deterrent.

    I've seen a new clever way of locking them: a chain, as in bicycle chain. This would require a thief to have either a chaintool or bolt cutters. And if they are at the point that they have bolt cutters, they'll probably just take the bike.

    Are you keeping your eye on Craigslist? I feel a lot of the stolen saddles are ending up there.

  2. Or, maybe, Brooks are once again "in." Corvettes get stolen a lot more than Honda Civics. I'll bet Brooks in black with chrome rivets get stolen a lot less than in honey with copper rivets. The thief is confirming you have good taste and are in style as well. Still, it is infuriating.

  3. Grrrr . . . I'm so sorry! Hope you're able to get a replacement soon and hope the thief gets saddle sores.

  4. So sorry to hear this, although it could have been worse. At least you still have your bike. Living in Dogpatch, I don't worry too much about a saddle being taken as most folks here wouldn't have a use for one (as in you need to ride a bike to need one). You might consider one of those anti theft bolts that require a special wrench/key to remove. I'm not sure which is worse --- getting your B-17 stolen, or having to break in a new one!

  5. MelissatheRagamuffinDecember 26, 2011 at 11:44 AM

    Justine, I'm behind in my blog reading because I'm in a new relationship and thereby lost in space. But, I have a Brooks B17s saddle that I don't use anymore. I only rode it about 700 miles or so when the accident happened, and I switched to a Brooks Flyer for the cusioning. You're more than welcome to it.

  6. Thank you, everybody, for your condolences and good wishes.

    Melissa, that's very kind of you. But I already have another B17 as well as two other saddles. I'm just trying to decide which one to use, as I've changed the handlebars on the bike. Thanks for the offer, anyway.

  7. They recommend a U-Lock, it is a heavy duty lock that is nearly impossible to break through. It can't guarantee your bike won't be stolen but it will discourage thieves from trying.

  8. A good bike is just money lying in the street! You could carry the weight of the bike in locks and still someone would find a way... The sickening hatred of fellow humans after this sort of thing happens is the worst part.

  9. Coline--Someone once said that locks keep honest people honest.

    At least it was the seat and not the whole bike!