14 December 2011

A Cycling Holiday Like None You've Seen

Between all of the student conferences, papers and exams, and all of the people who have decided that they absolutely must have a meeting about their pet projects, I have to remind myself that this is the "holiday season."

Indeed it is.  Chanukkah celebrations have begun, and, of course, the Winter Equinox, Christmas, Boxing Day and Kwanzaa will soon be upon us.  I want so much to do a ride for fun...

My current situation got me to thinking about a "cycling holiday."  On the other side of the pond, that means taking a vacation on two wheels.  But I was thinking of the phrase in the American way:  a holiday (what the Brits and other Euros would call a "fete") that includes cycling.

Now here's a cycling holiday you won't see in America or Europe:

Actually, this photo was taken during Yom Kippur. Can you imagine anything like this along the West Side Highway or along I-95?  


  1. Holy smoke! For a moment I thought they had wrecked, and then it dawned on me why there were no cars. You're right --- I can't imagine this anywhere in the US.

    To borrow Hercule Poirot's analogy to your point, you've "got the little gray cells stiring most adequately" regarding a European bike adventure. It would be a dream vacation for me, but only if it were the right one. A sight seeing, bed-and-breakfast scheme with a leisurely pace would be lovely.

  2. MelissatheRagamuffinDecember 19, 2011 at 5:07 PM

    Come to VA. We're doing an Icicle Ride on New Year's day.