23 December 2011

My Lost Brooks Saddle: It's IKEA's Fault! '-)

I solved the problem of my lost saddle by taking a trip to IKEA:

This stool was actually created for the home-furnishings chain that, it's said, made and sold the beds on which one in every ten living Europeans was conceived.  Hmm...If some couple wanted to get it off on a stool like this, would they have to add the saddle's break-in time to the nine months of pregancy if they want to figure out when their little one would be born?

Thanks to all of you who expressed concern and outrage.  May the bike gods and goddesses whisper in Santa's ear on your behalf!  And to anyone else reading this:  Happy Holidays!


  1. So sorry to read about your stolen Brooks saddle. Discouraging, but yet you're still keeping your sense of humor :). Happy Holidays to you and thank goodness you still have Vera!

  2. I have a saddle like that , perhaps it would make a better work seat than the one I am sitting on right now...