Mid-Life Cycling

Mid-Life Cycling

21 March 2012

Spinning Wheel Size

It seems that the debate about wheel size won't ever go away.  I'm not talking only about 650 vs. 700:  I'm thinking about those sizes vs. 20 inch or smaller sizes.

There has always been a contagion of cyclists, bike designers and marketers who've maintained that smaller wheels are actually faster.  Alex Moulton went so far as to "break" records with his bikes.  (As it turned out, he rode against records that hadn't been challenged for years, or even decades.)  Whatever you think of his bikes, recumbents or other small-wheeled bicycles, they do have loyal followings, particularly in Japan and a few other countries.

My experience with smaller-wheeled bikes (apart from what I rode early in my childhood) is limited to a couple of folding bikes.  Perhaps I'll have the opportunity to ride others and, if I'm feeling ambitious, make a comparison with my own and other 700C bikes.

Or I could borrow this bike:

From:  Austin 360

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