20 April 2012

From The Ferry

Today I didn't have classes.  But I had a couple of errands to run in Manhattan.  As it was a mild, almost warm, day and clouds passed across a sunny sky, I was more than happy to ride.  

Then, I found myself in the Union Square area.  From there, it's just a few minutes to the Staten Island Ferry.  I got to the terminal just as a boat was to depart.  

Besides Vera, there were about five other bikes on the boat going to Staten Island, and another dozen on the return trip. On both trips, I saw more cyclists than I'd normally expect to see at those times on a weekday.

I'm not a photographer, so take what I'm about to say for what it's worth:  Every photographer should ride the Ferry.  There are seemingly endless photo opportunities.  Plus, the interplay of water, skylines and the interiors of the boat makes for some very interesting light.

Plus, it can be a rather romantic ride:

Given that there are so many commuters on the Ferry, there are almost always sleepers:

and dreamers:

Of course, every nautical crossing must include a Gatsby Moment:

Finally, since I am one of those snotty New Yorkers who sniffs when I deign to use the word "tourist", I will offer you a photo that's about as touristy as you can get:


  1. That statue was conceived by dreamers. Perhaps your dreamer was dreaming of further extensions...

  2. Oh yes, I have ridden on that Ferry and haven taken all the touristy shots.

    Justine - I have misplaced your email address. Please contact me at wanderlust2b at yahoo dot net when you get a chance.

  3. MelissatheRagamuffinApril 24, 2012 at 10:23 AM

    I remember my parents taking us for rides on the Staten Island Ferry for fun when I was a kid. We couldn't afford the Circle Line. ;-p