04 April 2012

It's Got Your Name On It!

On my way to work, I took a photo of a parked bike with my cell phone.  I tried sending it to my e-mail address, but I got a message saying that the photo exceeded the maximum file size. 

Maybe I'll see that bike again and take another photo.  For now, I'll just say that it had an unusual look, although it looked like a perfectly functional bike.

On the other hand, I really have to wonder how much the builder of this bike was thinking about function:

"Mathilde" is the creation of Parisian designer Juri Zaech. He makes bicycles frames in the shapes of the names or words the customer chooses.  Check out the tandem he built for Megan and Elton.   

What's interesting, though, is that none of the bikes have pedals, cranks or brakes.  Even with their curvaceous lettering, they make "hipster fixies" seem utterly Baroque by comparison. 

If you were cycling about thirty years ago--or simply like bikes from that period--you might want to get the "Regina" model and fit it with the freewheel of that same name and Campagnolo components.  Now that would make for a strange bike.

Even if the "name" bikes are completely unrideable and are meant only as wall art, I love them.  I'm having a very difficult time, though, imagining how a bicycle frame could be shaped to fit my name!

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