03 April 2012

Two Signs of Spring

Today's commute to work included two sure signs of spring.

One is something most people associate with this season:  the blooming of small flowers.  The violet wave I saw in the breeze were, as it turned out, a carpet of Iris reticulata:

 There must have been something in the light and air:  from a block or so away, I couldn't see the soil and I just barely noticed the green leaves rippling among the sea of indigo petals.

When I got to campus, I noticed another "sea," or at least a wave:

Yes, the bike rack was full when I arrived.  Actually,there was one space left--behind the motorcycle.

The weather reports say there's a chance of rain tonight.  One could hardly have guessed that on such a clear, dry--if somewhat brisk--early-spring day. 

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