16 May 2012

The Ride Ends With A Light Show

I've long felt that one of the nicest ways to end a long bike ride is with a boat ride.  That's one of the reasons I pedal across the George Washington Bridge, and down the Jersey Palisades, Jersey City and Bayonne to Staten Island, where I hop on the ferry.

When I first started to ride, I was cursing myself for not getting on my bike until well into the afternoon.  But the weather had turned from briskly to pleasantly cool, and rays of sunshine were peeking through clouds that blanketed the sky but didn't really threaten rain.  The last few miles of my bike ride, and the one on the ferry, turned into a light show:


  1. That sounds very relaxing and nice photos to describe the experience. It all looks so peaceful.

  2. Sue: It was very relaxing. It's kind of ironic, isn't it, to say about a ride that brings me back into the city?

  3. The with the schooner brings out the little boy in me, Justine. These are great.