02 September 2012

To The Lighthouse

Today, Millie had her annual Labor Day barbecue.

That meant, of course, that I had to pre-emptively burn off some calories.  What better way than an early ride?

The bike lanes along the East River seemed utterly bucolic in the absence of about half of this city's population.  Best of all, I found myself cycling across the bridge to Roosevelt Island with other cyclists--and no motor vehicles--for company.  

If the lanes on the Queens side of the river seemed peaceful, the island felt like a sleepy fishing village.  I even used a lighthouse as a landmark for my ride!

Of course, one needs a lamp like the one in the photo to as a reminder that, after all, it's still an urban setting.  Plus, I suppose that a spot like that can be lonely sometimes.  

Somehow the light of the partly-cloudy late-summer sky seemed to guide me to them.

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