16 September 2012

Views of A Sunday Ride

Another ride through Harlem, the New Jersey Palisades, Staten Island and lower Manhattan.

As always, there were interesting sights on the Ferry:

New York is all about style, right?    I was going to ask her where she got that bag, but I kind of lost her in the shuffle as we disembarked.  However, I got another glimpse of her sack and realized I wouldn't be able to buy it:

You can't see the logo from her, but it's from a film festival in Germany.  

In addition to style, New York has always been known for attracting dreamers:

With all due respect to Frank Sinatra, you can't have a city of dreamers if it's a city that never sleeps. 

And, of course, everyone wants a home with a view.  Along the way, I stopped at an open house. I didn't even bother to feign interest in buying the house (which I probably couldn't do, anyway) because, it seemed, everyone else had the same look of disattachment.  

But wouldn't you just love a patio with a view like this?

Hey, it's even better as you get closer:

If you were to buy the house--in Bayonne, NJ--you wouldn't be able to access the water.  It's fenced off about fifty meters from the shoreline:  It's government land.  Oh, who wouldn't want to take a dip in Newark Bay on a hot day?  

The bike riding is pretty good, though, as long as you stay away from the main commercial strip.  It's even better along Richmond Terrace in Staten Island:  As you approach the Ferry, the sight of cranes and tank farms give way to harbor vistas of lower Manhattan. 


  1. I see that you could not bring yourself to identify the bike, probably your favourite Dahon...

  2. Coline--Mea culpa. (That's Latin for "my bad"!)